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Voltage-Limiting Amps Protect Sensitive Devices

Designed to protect signal conversion devices, such as high-speed a/d converters, the OPA698 and OPA699 voltage-limiting amplifiers promise fast recovery times and easily controlled output-limiting voltages. Both amplifiers include internally set default levels for the bipolar limiting function. Compatible with standard pinout designs, the devices exhibit a 1-ns recovery from output overdrive at default levels with no external connection to limiter-set pins. The 1-ns recovery time paired with offset errors of less than ±10 mV allow limiter voltages to be set within 100 mV of the desired linear output swing with no degradation in harmonic distortion or pulse-response settling. OPA698 features unity-gain stability, a 250-MHz gain bandwidth product, and a 1,100 V/µs slew rate. With a high-gain stability of G =+4, OPA699 provides a 1-GHz gain bandwidth product and a 1,400 V/µs slew rate. Other shared features include a ±120 mA output current, ±15.5 mA quiescent current, ±4V output swing, and operation from dual ±5V or single 5V to 12V supplies. Available in SO-8 packages, prices for OPA698 and OPA699 are $1.89 and $1.95 each/1,000, respectively. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924


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