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Whitepaper: Current Limiting Power Resistors for High Power LED Module Lighting Applications

Sponsored by: Bourns

An ongoing trend toward miniaturization of virtually all electronics is accompanied by the demand for a reduction in power consumption. As the pressure to fit as much functionality, and thus circuitry, into the smallest space possible continues to rise, so do the challenges of the associated thermal design. One technology that has been gaining the attention of commercial and consumer customers alike is the light emitting diode (LED). Savings in long term operation and energy costs while utilizing a robust package are just a couple of advantages that have made LEDs popular. However, what may not be overlooked as this efficient technology disperses into lighting designs everywhere is the importance of temperature and thermal management in providing a reliable LED design, especially in high power LED modules. Methods to address the thermal challenges in high-power LED modules are introduced in this paper as are the advantages of integrating the Bourns® PWR263 power resistor in LED module designs.

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