Anti-theft system keeps DVDs safe in transit

Eindhoven, Netherlands and Emeryville, Calif.: DVD theft, which occurs throughout the supply chain, is a problem NXP Semiconductors and Californian communications company Kestrel Wireless hopes to squash with their latest solution.

Using NXP’s RFID chip technology and Kestrel’s RFA (Radio Frequency Activation) solution, it’s possible to disable DVDs at the point of manufacture and then enable them at the point of sale, which makes stealing goods at any point along the supply chain a completely worthless endeavor.

The first application of NXP and Kestrel’s RF A/RFID solution will be integrated into optical media. However, there are a number of other products that the solution can find homes in, such as MP3 players, electric shavers, toothbrushes, flat-screen televisions, inkjet cartridges, and flash memory.

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