Blog bandits and the image makers

As the United Kingdom prepares to say farewell to departing Prime Minster Tony Blair, the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, is strategising ways to land the job come the next U.K. general election.

One of his latest ideas is to set up a blog that will demonstrate a number of personal characteristics to potential voters. Prime amongst these is that he's not afraid to embrace new technology, particularly when it offers him a novel way of spreading the Conservative Party message amongst younger voters.

Accordingly, Mr. Cameron is seen in numerous situations—including some very Mr. Nice Guy scenes at home—that serve a dual purpose: win over voters hearts, and raise his score on the numerous political surveys run by the media these days.

Sadly, though, he didn't think about the Blog Bandits or Cyber Squatters, as they're sometimes referred to. A particularly right wing party here in the U.K. called the UK Independence party (UKIP) very quickly spotted the opportunity and jumped onto the Blog Bandit wagon.

Using the latest Web-site technology, UKIP took the site and managed to link into scenes from a television comedy show. They then intertwined comments form the Conservative Party leader and Mr. Blair, the political inference here being that most of what they say differs very little despite the traditional opposing stances of their political parties.

Unfortunately for Mr. Cameron, the comedy goes even further. The Blog bandits conclude their mischief by finishing the combined speeches with the great David Bowie's hit Changes...not, I think, the ones that David Cameron was hoping to make, though.

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