Converters Offer Eight Voltage Options From 3.3 To 48 V

Converters Offer Eight Voltage Options From 3.3 To 48 V

Camberley, England: With a wide input range of 9 to 36 V, Vicor’s 28-V Mini family of dc-dc converters targets MIL-COTS and industrial applications operating from 12- or 24-V inputs, which are typical for battery systems in vehicles. Fully encapsulated, the Mini modules use a proprietary spin-fill process to ensure complete, void-free encapsulation, making them suitable for the harshest environments.

The 28-V dc Mini series models offer eight different output voltages ranging from 3.3 to 48 V with a maximum power of 150 W and four operating temperature grades, including –55°C. Baseplate options include slotted, threaded, and through-hole. The 9- to 36-V input range enables designers to specify one converter to operate in both 12- and 24-V vehicle systems, making this product particularly cost effective for the end-user.

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