Electronic Design

Copy CDs Without A Computer

If you want to copy a CD, you don't need a computer anymore. The CD-Backup from EPO Science & Technology Inc. duplicates compact discs in any format, including CD-ROMs and audio, video, and photo CDs. The device can identify the source CD's format and automatically choose the best way to duplicate the CD, simplifying the process. Users also can copy entire discs or select and order specific files for copying via the device's LCD and start menu. The CB-518 has a CD-RW 52× max write ability, while the CB-518D offers up a DVD+/-RW 4× max write ability. Both devices operate from typical household power supplies. Of course, the CB-518 and CB-518B should only be used to make backups of personal data and private compilations. It's illegal for users to distribute copyrighted material without authorization from the copyright owners. For further information, go to www.epo.com.tw.

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