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Cutting Down The Congestion In Handhelds

Essex, England: According to Intersil, its two new switches can provide an optimal solution for eliminating congestion in handheld device connectors. The ISL54214 dual SP3T (single-pole/triple-throw) switch or 3:1 multiplexer combines low-distortion audio and two accurate, USB 2.0, high-speed data (480Mbit/s) signal switching paths in the same low-voltage device.

The switches enable a common mini USB or audio headphone connector to be used in media players and other portable battery-operated products. That’s because they allow either two USB transceivers or one USB transceiver—plus a UART transceiver—to share pins with an audio codec.

The ISL54217 dual SP3T adds Intersil’s click-and-pop elimination circuitry to the switch, enhancing the performance of handheld products by removing audio artifacts.

The audio switch cells in both the ISL54214 and ISL54217 can pass ±1V ground-referenced audio signals with ultra-low distortion of <0.03% THD+N when driving 5mW into 32Ohm headphone loads. In addition they have a special muting mode of operation, which helps deliver high isolation between the codec and the headphone or amplifier load.

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