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Dean Wins Presidential Race

No, we're not talking about the Democratic primaries. John W. Steadman, dean of the College of Engineering at the University of South Alabama, has assumed the presidency of IEEE-USA. He served as the organization's president elect in 2003. During his one-year term, he hopes to address the impact of offshore technology jobs on U.S. national security and economic growth. The IEEE-USA is now developing a formal offshoring position statement that will include public-policy recommendations.

"The problem facing the United States is not how to stop offshoring, but how to ensure that the nation remains a technology leader in the face of strong international competition fueled by offshoring American technology and intellectual property," he says. "To do that, the U.S. government needs an innovative strategy that makes it advantageous for industry to create and retain high-wage, high-value-added manufacturing and service-sector jobs here."

Before joining the University of South Alabama last August, Steadman was head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Wyoming. He has worked for General Dynamics and served as a distinguished visiting professor at the United States Air Force Academy. Other past roles include chair of the IEEE-USA Licensure and Registration Committee and IEEE-USA vice president for career activities.

For details, go to www.ieeeusa.org.

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