Dream ticket for TTP

Vienna, Austria: TTTech’s hardware and software products based on the Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP) were selected by Intertechnique (Zodiac Group) for the development of its electrical load control units (ELCUs). The ECLUs will be incorporated into the Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s electronic power system.

The Zodiac Group is a supplier of power-distribution systems in the aerospace industry. Its TTPbased control units will be integrated by Hamilton Sundstrand Corp. in the Dreamliner’s electric power generation and start system (EPGSS).

The EPGSS is a crucial element of the aircraft because it controls, distributes, and protects the aircraft’s electric power. Maximum levels of safety and strict determinism are required for this application. TTTech’s COTS software components comply with the RTCA software standard DO-178B Level A.

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