Electronic Design Europe digital edition:Next-generation media now

Welcome to Electronic Design Europe’s Digital Edition. I hope that as a busy professional engineer, you will find this twice-monthly edition a fast, convenient, and practical way of receiving the technical news that can help electronics engineers and their management make the right design decisions.

Here at Penton Media, we’ve ensured that the digital edition of Electronic Design Europe is convenient for you to use. We’ve integrated comprehensive navigation facilities into the publication, which guarantees readers a quick and easy trip through our magazine. The magazine presents itself on your screen via an auto-format facility, which means readers don’t have to magnify or scroll to start enjoying its content. We’ve also included web links that will take readers into the Electronic Design Web site, which offers a wealth of technical information and intelligence. Sponsors support the magazine without overwhelming the reader, yet add value to the magazine by providing links to electronics-related news, technical papers, and other technical data on their own web sites.

As always, our mission is to ensure that you, the reader, is getting the information you need. To help us meet that goal, we welcome and encourage feedback. Tell us what you think about Electronic Design Europe’s Digital Edition. Let me know what areas you’d like to see expanded, or those areas you feel may get too much play, by e-mailing me at the address below. Help us to help you with your design challenges.

Thank you,

Paul Whytock
Email: [email protected]

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