Embedded NAND Flash Memory Boasts 128-Gbyte capacity

Embedded NAND Flash Memory Boasts 128-Gbyte capacity

Dusseldorf, Germany: Toshiba has launched a 128-Gbyte embedded NAND flash memory module that the company says is the highest capacity yet achieved. The module complies with the latest e•MMCTM standard. Samples will be available from September. Mass production will start in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The 128-Gbyte embedded device integrates 16 64-Gbit (equal to 8 Gbytes) NAND chips fabricated with Toshiba’s 32-nm process technology and a dedicated controller into a package that measures 17 by 22 by 1.4 mm.

Toshiba says it is the first company to succeed in combining 16 64-Gbit NAND chips and applied advanced chip thinning and layering technologies to realize individual chips that are only 30 µm thick. New samples of 64-Gbyte chips also will be available from August.


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