First 100-V, High-Voltage, 0.35-µm Foundry Process Rolls Out

First 100-V, High-Voltage, 0.35-µm Foundry Process Rolls Out

Erfurt, Germany: X-Fab Silicon Foundries has announced the industry’s first 100-V high-voltage 0.35-µm foundry process. The company says the process will enable a new class of reliable, high-performing battery monitoring and protection systems for battery management.

X-Fab also has added an enhanced N- and P-type double-diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor (DMOS) transistors process with 45% lower on resistance for multiple operating voltages up to 100 V. Silicon footprint has been reduced by 40%. The DMOS transistors, with gate oxide thicknesses of 14 or 40 nm, will offer customers the choice of 5- or 12-V drive capability for their applications with operating voltages of 55, 75, and 100 V.

By cutting on resistance, integrating into the baseline process an EEPROM function for trimming and program storage, and having a thick metal layer available as the third metal layer, X-Fab has lowered the cost per function significantly. In addition, newly added isolated 5-V NMOS and PMOS devices can float between ground and the maximum operating voltage of 100 V. Other device enhancements include Schottky diodes, 20- and 100-V high-voltage capacitors, and bipolar transistors.

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