Electronic Design

Getting The Most Out Of electronica 2006

I’ve been going to electronica for almost two decades now, but the size of the show never ceases to amaze me. Over just four short days, almost 100,000 visitors will converge on Munich in the hopes of seeing as much of the 14 show halls and 3500 exhibitors as they can. But, as any seasoned show goer can tell you, it’s impossible to see everything.

So where do you start? While Electronic Design Editor-in-Chief Mark David and I get ready for the show we’ll be posting news and product announcements that caught our eyes, information about must-see events, and tips for travelling around Munich and getting the most out of the show. Once at electronica, we will share even more news, as well as videos from the trade show floor.

So, show visitors, remember, when your feet get weary¾and they will¾turn on your laptop point your Web browser to www.electronicdesign.com/electronica.

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