IMEC And Panasonic Broaden Research Pact

Osaka, Japan and Leuven, Belgium: Panasonic Corp. and nanoelectronics research centre IMEC signed a research contract to work together on advanced technologies in the semiconductor, network, wireless, and biomedical fields. The research will be performed at the Leuven facilities and IMEC’s research unit at Holst Centre in Eindhoven.

Panasonic has been working with IMEC on research into semiconductor process technologies since 2004. Among the results they’ve achieved is the first mass production of SoC technology within 65nm and 45nm processes. Now, this new joint research program will expand the collaboration scope to include application areas of semiconductors.

For this purpose, the Panasonic IMEC Centre will be established at the IMEC premises this month. It will focus on network technology such as dynamically reconfigurable software-defined radio, ultra-low power-consumption wireless communication technology for healthcare and lifestyle monitoring, and biomedical technology (e.g., next-generation biosensors).

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