Electronic Design

Screening Program Looks For Lead In Your Designs

How can you be sure that the components you select for your design conform with the European Union’s Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive? Material declarations from suppliers may not be enough to guarantee compliance. Soldertec Global may have the answer. Its screening service, which will launch on July 1 when RoHS takes effect, will give your products a thorough shakedown.

The RoHS Assurance test program will select and test the parts of your finished product or assembly that run the highest risk of containing restricted materials. Focusing on 10 key criteria, testing takes place at the parts-per-million level for a high degree of accuracy. The program does not certify RoHS conformance, though. Instead, it issues a comprehensive report detailing the results of its tests upon their completion.

Soldertec Global provides laboratory testing, troubleshooting, and analytical services to the global electronics industry. Its testing and analysis services include X-ray inspection, scanning electron microscopy, and solderability testing. As part of Tin Technology Ltd., it derives its expertise from its background in the tin industry and involvement in electronics soldering research.

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