ST-Ericsson And STMicroelectronics To Support Adobe Flash Player 10.1 On Smartphones

Geneva, Switzerland: STMicroelectronics and ST-Ericsson are working with Adobe to progress the application of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR. ST-Ericsson and Adobe will work together to integrate Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR into ST-Ericsson platforms. The first smartphone platform ready to support Flash Player 10.1 is the U8500.

Led by Adobe, the Open Screen Project aims to deliver a consistent and widely adopted runtime environment for both web content and standalone applications across all devices leveraging the Flash Platform. ST-Ericsson´s and STMicroelectronics’ collaboration with Adobe will make it straightforward for manufacturers to develop portable and consumer products that can support a rich multimedia web browsing experience, without any compromises.

“By providing built-in support for one of the most commonly-used rich-media technology on the internet, enabling video streaming and other highly-popular web services, we are taking the smartphone browsing experience to another level,” explained Marc Cetto, senior VP and head of 3G and Multimedia division at ST-Ericsson.

“Flash extends consumers’ multimedia experience by adding to the broadcast services’ seamless access to internet content and applications,” added Laurent Remont, director of Advanced System Architecture, Home Entertainment and Displays, STMicroelectronics.

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