Switched-Mode Topology Equips Charger For Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Batteries

Milpitas, Calif., USA: Intersil’s ISL9220 fully integrated battery charger is based on a true switched-mode topology. It ensures high operating efficiency and low power dissipation for one- and two-cell Li-ion- and Li-polymer-based portable applications, such as smartphones and tablet computers.

The ISL9220 minimises charge time and provides maximum power efficiency and heat reduction thanks to a synchronous pulse-width-modulation technology with integrated MOSFETs. Its 1.2MHz switching frequency allows the use of small external inductors and capacitors. Up to 2A charge current is possible, and charge voltage accuracy is 0.5%. 

It includes programmable input current limiting along with programmable pre-charge and fast charge settings. Integrated overvoltage protection on the adapter/USB power input protects both the battery and circuitry from damage due to excessive voltage on the input.

A programmable safety timer will terminate charging if the battery fails to charge in the programmed period. The ISL9220 can also monitor the battery temperature and discontinue charging if the temperature becomes unsafe.

The ISL9220 for one-cell and ISL9220A for two-cell batteries are both available now in compact 4mm-by-4mm, 20-lead TQFN packages.


TAGS: Intersil
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