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Yokogawa Launches Flagship Scope Family

Amersfoort, The Netherlands: The new DLM6000 series of mixedsignal oscilloscopes represents Yokogawa Electric Corp.’s premier family of high-performance digital oscilloscopes. The oscilloscopes offer bandwidths up to 1.5GHz and memory of 6.25Mpoints per channel, as well as an intuitive graphical user interface.

The new scope family consists of five four-channel models: the two DLM6000 mixed-signal oscilloscopes with 16 or 32bit logic capability and bandwidths of 500MHz and 1GHz; and three DL6000 versions featuring bandwidths of 500MHz, 1GHz, and 1.5GHz, respectively.

All of the instruments maintain a maximum sampling rate of 5Gsamples/s, apart from the DL6154 1.5GHz instrument with 10Gsamples/s. The 16/32-bit logic inputs on the DLM6000 Series models maintain a maximum toggle rate of 250MHz or 100MHz, depending on the type of probe used. The 16bit DLM6054 with two 100MHz logic probes costs from €10,900.

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