Dave Hughes

CEO, HCC Embedded

Dave Hughes is the CEO and founder of HCC Embedded, experts in software for securely storing and communicating embedded data. Dave is a “hands-on” embedded specialist, who still actively contributes to the strategy and direction of HCC’s core technologies. His extensive experience has made him one of the industry’s leading authorities on fail-safe embedded systems, flash memory, and process-driven software methodologies.

Dave has gained a broad range of engineering expertise over a period of nearly 30 years working on a variety of embedded systems, beginning as a firmware engineer for Mator Systems Inc., from 1985 to 1993. He began his career writing embedded protocol convertors in 8051 and z80 assembly language for many protocols including Serial, x.25, IBM2870/3270, ISO, and TCP/IP. He has held several firmware management and consulting positions in the networking, communication, and industrial automation markets, including firmware team manager for Specialix Systems Ltd., from 1993-1997, followed by consulting in the embedded industry for two years, and then as a firmware manager with Age GmbH from 1999-2002. His specialties include CAN, DeviceNet, PPP, Profibus, SNMP, TCPIP, remote serial protocols, and others.[AH1]

He is a graduate of the University of Sussex in England.

Dave’s Recent activity