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Dave Hughes

CEO, HCC Embedded

Dave Hughes is the founder and CEO of HCC Embedded, a leading supplier of deeply embedded software components to over 2,000 companies worldwide from its headquarters in Budapest and offices in the USA and India.

After gaining a degree in physics and mathematics at Sussex University, Dave joined the embedded development industry in 1985. His career started with assembler programming and progressed through legacy communication protocols in the 1980s to networking protocols in the 1990s and later, industrial communication protocols. This experience formed the foundation of his understanding of embedded systems and instilled a sense of idealism about how software for deeply embedded systems should be built to withstand the tests of time and changing demands.

A hands-on embedded specialist, Dave still actively contributes to the strategy and direction of HCC’s core technologies, including fail-safe flash management, file systems, and networking software. Dave’s current focus is a drive toward developing Safety Elements out of Context (SEooC) to achieve the company’s vision and meet the most stringent market demand.

Dave’s Recent activity