Marc Canel

Vice President of Security Systems, ARM Inc.

Marc Canel has extensive experience in the mobile devices industry, driving software projects for the past 25 years, focusing on how mobile devices work with the enterprise world. He has served as Vice President of Security Systems at ARM Inc. for the past two and a half years, leading the next generation of security architectures to become the foundation for enterprise applications in a connected world. He promoted the definition of Trust systems and standards for devices in the internet. And he defined the architecture for the next generation Root of Trust for applications in devices.

Prior to ARM, he was Vice President of Software & Security Systems at Qualcomm, where he spent 18 years focusing on the features that make Qualcomm products more attractive to enterprises. He led the company to become a leader in the area of content protection and privacy management. He also worked on Qualcomm’s software ecosystem management, supporting OEMs’ customers looking for complete solutions. Prior to Qualcomm, he worked at IBM for 12 years, where he had various roles in product development and management roles in data networking products.

Marc’s Recent activity