Nolan Johnson

CAD/EDA Manager, Sunstone

As CAD/EDA Manager, Johnson brings to Sunstone a career that has been focused entirely on electronics manufacturing. Trained as a software engineer, Johnson wrote applications software for Mentor Graphics before transitioning into technical marketing roles. He managed Mentor’s OEM verification development projects, including Dracula™ and CheckMate™. Johnson then concentrated on operating technical training centers for semiconductor manufacturing and telecom analysis equipment at both Electro Scientific Industries and Tektronix. With over four years at Sunstone Circuits, Nolan Johnson has assisted in the many successful initiatives of their core product line, including an integral role in the development of their PCB123 design software. His enhancement of the software’s schematic functionality and Live BOM (Bill of Materials), has helped make PCB123 the most advanced industrial-grade CAD tool in the marketplace.

Johnson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University.

Nolan’s Recent activity