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32-Bit CAN Bus Microcontroller Family Is Road Worthy

Designed for use in vaarious automotive and industrial control applications, the MB91F367G and MB91F368G 32-bit, CANbus microcontrollers integrate on-chip peripherals, including UARTs, I2C and serial synchronous interfaces, 16-bit reload timers, and input-capture and output-compare units. The new 32-bit controllers are based on the company’s FR architecture, a five-stage pipelined RISC core supported by 16 KB of RAM and a bit-search unit. Both devices offer the same functionality and pin-out, as well as also offering 10-bit resolution, an eight-channel A/D converter, and eight external interrupts. The MB91F368G differs only in the addition of a 32 kHz clock input. Both microcontrollers employ the OSEK operating system and share the same software modules as the MB91360G series MCUs. The CANbus microcontrollers are available in 120-pin QFPs are have starting prices of $19.80 each/10,000. For more information, contact FUJITSU MICROELECTRONICS AMERICA, San Jose, CA. (800) 866-8608.

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