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36 V step-down dc/dc converter offers 150 °C maximum junction temperature

Linear Technology Corporation has introduced an "H-Grade," 150 °C maximum junction temperature version of the LT1936, a 36 V, current mode PWM step-down dc/dc converter with an internal 1.9 A power switch. "E" and "I" grade versions offer a 125 °C maximum junction temperature. The “H” grade part is packaged in an eight-lead, thermally enhanced MSOP, and targets automotive as well as industrial applications.

Featuring a 3.6 V to 36 V input range, the LT1936 can be used for regulating power from a wide variety of sources, including automotive batteries. In automotive applications the part can operate with sub 4 V inputs to meet "cold crank" requirements. Its 500 kHz operating frequency allows the use of tiny, low-cost inductors and ceramic capacitors, resulting in low, predictable output ripple.

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