Auto Electronics

Actel expands design tools for ARM7-enabled FPGAs

Hoping to simplify the development of embedded automotive and other systems, Actel Corporation has added an analog interface IP core to the design infrastructure that supports M7AFS, the ARM7-enabled version of Actel’s mixed-signal Fusion FPGA programmable system chip.

The CoreAI IP block allows the CoreMP7 soft ARM7 processor core to interface with analog resources on Actel M7 Fusion devices through the advanced peripheral bus so designers can control and configure analog peripherals directly.

Actel said it has also optimized its CoreConsole IP deployment platform (IDP) and Libero integrated design environment (IDE). Jake Chuang, Actel’s senior director, marketing, application solutions, said the single-chip M7AFS, the CoreMP7 soft processor and the expanded design infrastructure “frees designers from the need to settle for multichip solutions to complete their mixed-signal designs."

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