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Agilent and DECOMSYS introduce scope-based FlexRay measurement system

Agilent Technologies and Dependable Computer Systems GmbH have introduced a measurement system that combines an Agilent 6000 series mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO) with a DECOMSYS::BUSDOCTOR 2 protocol analyzer to provide time-correlated slot/segment boundary display of the global FlexRay timing schedule.

The system is said to allow automotive designers who use embedded microprocessors to verify proper signal integrity of their FlexRay signals and proper timing of the time-triggered communication bus.

When used with the DECOMSYS::BUSDOCTOR 2 protocol analyzer, Agilent's FlexRay option for 6000 series oscilloscopes offers FlexRay frame, slot and error triggering, including the ability to trigger on specific FlexRay communications qualified on base-cycle and cycle-repetition. Designers can see a synchronous and time-correlated display of segment and slot-timing boundaries by importing a FIBEX file that defines the global FlexRay schedule directly into the 6000 series MSO, allowing the system to be used as a stand-alone tester without an external PC.

For higher-level FlexRay protocol analysis measurements on a PC and time-correlated FlexRay measurements on the oscilloscope's display, the DECOMSYS::BUSDOCTOR 2 and MSO can be configured for synchronous operation using DECOMSYS' VISION software package.

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