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Agilent introduces white LEDs for automotive interior applications

Agilent Technologies has introduced a family of high-brightness, white light-emitting diodes in the industry-standard PLCC-2 (plastic-leaded chip carrier) and Power PLCC-4 surface-mount form factor. The white LEDs are drop-in replacements for Osram TopLED and Power TopLED products in automotive interior lighting applications.

Cheng Kai Chong, worldwide marketing manager for the Optoelectronic Products Division in Agilent's Semiconductor Products Group, said Agilent's HSMW-A10xx and HSMW-A40xx series white surface-mount (SMT) LEDs feature a 120-degree viewing angle that suits them for panel, push-button, or general backlighting in automotive interiors, as well as for automotive ambient lighting such as vanity mirror lights, cabin lights/dome lights, and car-door puddle lights.

In the PLCC-2 package, the Agilent HSMW-A101-R50J1 provides 100 mcd (millicandela) minimum luminous intensity (Iv); the HSMW-A100-T50J1 provides 250 mcd minimum Iv. The Iv specifications are based on both products operating at 20 mA forward current. In the Power PLCC-4 package, the HSMW-A400-U00M2 provides 400 mcd minimum Iv when operating at 30 mA forward current.

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