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AI Keeps 360-Degree Car Camera Ahead of the Pack

Focused on automotive environments, ArVizon’s Vezo 360 combines artificial intelligence with a 360-degree camera.

ArVizon is taking two of the top trends and combining them into an interesting tool for drivers. The Vezo 360 takes the conventional dashboard camera to new sights with a 360-degree camera implemented with a pair of 4K cameras (Fig. 1). Its on-board processors use artificial-intelligence-based (AI) software to analyze the surround view that tracks everything from driver attentiveness to what’s outside the car. The Vezo 360 Indiegogo program is where you can find this latest marvel.


1. The Vezo 360 uses a pair of 4K cameras to feed its processor running machine-learning models to track things such as driver attentiveness.

The camera mounts on the inside of the windshield like a conventional camera. It lacks an LCD screen found on many cameras because it would obstruct the second camera, plus the Vezo 360 has wireless communication support that can link it to a smartphone or other device (Fig. 2). Video can be streamed to a smartphone display or the cloud.


2. The compact design of the Vezo 360 includes a USB 3 Type-C connector on top and an SD card slot on the right.

It has a USB 3 Type-C connection and an SD card slot for up to 256 GB of removable storage. There’s 4G LTE, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi wireless support. Audio support includes a built-in microphone and speaker. A 2.2-GHz quad-core processor is augmented by an image processor. The image-processing support include H.265 compression, multi-exposure HDR image capture, backlight compensation, and 3D image noise reduction. Also on-board is a 3D accelerometer and 3D magnetometer. Built-in GPS allows location information to be captured along with video.

A magnetic mount allows for quick removal and replacement (Fig. 3). The Vezo 360 can be used as an action camera when not mounted in the car. It has an on-board battery for mobile operation. A button on the bottom can be employed to capture still images.


It can be used as a basic 360-degree camera that records a more expansive video stream than a single camera solution. However, taking advantage of its other sensors and software makes the Vezo 360 much more interesting. Its accelerometer can be used to detect when the parked vehicle may be hit by another vehicle. It can then preserve any recordings it was currently making.

The Vezo 360 also uses its inward facing camera to track driver attentiveness. It takes advantage of machine-learning (ML) models for facial recognition and tracking. It can give an audible warning if it detects the driving going to sleep.

The camera has an LED to show that it’s active, which can be a possible crime deterrent. Again, it’s able to use its ML support to detect what’s going on around the car and notify you via wireless communication that something is occurring.

The Vezo 360 comes in two versions, with the more advanced version having AI support enabled. Android and iPhone apps are provided.

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