Auto Electronics


The MBtech Group (, a subsidiary of the DaimlerChrysler Group, is now offering control units for which there is a demand for small quantities, from development to delivery and the supply of spare parts. Up to now, the company working in the field of automotive electronics has mainly developed hardware and software for control units and tested networked electronic systems and software quality.

MBtech's focus is on niche applications, which are not economically attractive to well-established high-volume suppliers. For example, special commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machines, niche and fleet vehicles frequently involve only small numbers of control units. The development effort is very high in relation to the production costs. Due to its expertise in the fields of software, testing, processes and system integration, MBtech is able to set itself up as an all-round supplier of control units. Through the integration of the powertrain, chassis, exterior and interior business segments, and many years of experience, it is also expanding into mechatronic systems.

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