Auto Electronics

Allegro Microsystems adds automotive-grade relay driver

Allegro Microsystems has introduced the A2550, an automotive-grade relay driver with 5 V regulator that provides the monitoring and reset requirements of a system microprocessor by combining the functions of a voltage regulator, watchdog and reset. It also offers three low-side DMOS relay driver outputs for driving relay coils of up to 250 mA each. Each driver integrates voltage clamps that can survive automotive load dump pulses up to 48 V. A 40 V rating on VBB also ensures adequate survival in automotive environments, the company said.

A 5 V linear regulator provides 40 mA of output current with a tolerance of 2% over the operating temperature range. The 5 V regulator output and the three low-side driver outputs are protected against overcurrent conditions. The A2550 also includes power-on reset circuitry (NPOR) and watchdog circuit.

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