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Altera offers MediaLB IP core with FPGAs for MOST

Partnering withMediaLB license holder SMSC and interface developer IFI, Altera Corporation said the MediaLB intellectual property (IP) core is available for use with Altera’s Cyclone II or Stratix II field-programmable gate arrays as well as with SMSC’s OS81050 INIC chip for implementation of the media-oriented systems transport (MOST) bus protocol for automotive infotainment, networking and gateway applications.

MOST provides central control for multiple automotive peripheral applications including navigation, climate control, entertainment and night vision systems. The protocol enables devices to communicate with each other using a high-speed connection over plastic optical fiber (POF). Don Faria, Altera’s senior vice president, business units, said the MediaLB interface macro implements both the physical- and link-layer requirements and can support up to 15 channels. It can be parameterized and integrated into Altera's SOPC builder system generation tool.

An evaluation version can be downloaded.

Faria said the availability of the MediaLB core substantially reinforces Altera’s application strengths in automotive electronics. IFI managing director Peter Riekert added, "This IP will open doors for further FPGA adoption in the automotive space, especially in the areas of infotainment and car networking where MOST is shaping up as the future bus standard.

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