Auto Electronics

Aluminum-cladded strips designed for low-power bonding

AMI DODUCO, a Technitrol Company, is offering aluminum-cladded strips for low-power bonding applications in the automotive industry where the bondability of the feed-through to the connector is especially important.

Compared with standard materials, the company’s AlSi1 strip for low-power bonding is said to require 25% less ultrasonic power to achieve bonds of comparable shear strength. The strip is produced using a deep skiving process for tighter cladding tolerances and more precise positioning of components within the device.

Christian J. Hagedorn, vice president, marketing and sales for AMI DODUCO Europe, said lower ultrasonic power values for the bonding process offer a wider bonding process window and, therefore, greater process reliability. Lower-power values also offer improved surface properties, higher shear strength in the bonded area, increased wire bond reliability, and more freedom in module design, which can result in material cost savings.

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