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ARM9 Core-Based Engine Control Unit Claimed As Auto Industry First

Said to be the automotive industry's first ARM9-core-based 32-bit Engine Control Unit, the ML67Q2003 features a high-performance ARM966E-S core-based CPU and an ARM VFP-9 vector floating-point co-processor built on a bus-centric AIEC platform. The company says the device offers car makers the many benefits associated with non-proprietary ARM cores, including greater leverage of engineering resources, reduced design costs and risks, and shorter time-to-market. The engine control unit is QS-9000 compliant and comes with 1 MB of embedded flash memory and 48 KB of SRAM. Its ability to handle more complex combustion monitoring is expected to further improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. In addition, the device is expected to speed development, enabling engineers to benefit from model-based control methods. Other features of the ML67Q2003 include: an interrupt controller with 69 interrupts; a two-channel CAN interface; 36 channel by 10-bit a/d converter; and an operating frequency to 80 Hz. Price is $23 each/1M per year. For further information, contact OKI SEMICONDUCTOR, Sunnyvale, CA. (555) 555-5555.


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