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Atmel adds automotive-qualified single-chip GPS receiver ICs

Atmel has introduced two automotive-grade (AEC-Q100-qualified) GPS devices, ATR0630P1 and ATR0635P1, based on Atmel's ATR0630 and ATR0635 GPS receiver devices, millions of which have been shipped since 2005 according to the company.

The 7 mm x 10 mm devices, in 96-pin BGA packages, can be used for in-vehicle navigation systems (IVNS), telematics, fleet management, dynamic car insurance fee systems (e.g., pay-as-drive), and after-market navigation products. Samples are available now. Pricing starts at $13.00 for the ATR0630P1 and $15.00 for the ATR0635P1 in 10k quantities.

Atmel said that compared with the ATR0630 and ATR0635, the new P1 versions have a 45% smaller footprint, a simpler board layout, and minimal external component count. They also benefit from reduced costs in purchasing, stocking, and mounting. The ATR0635P1's -158 dBm sensitivity allows weak-signal acquisition and tracking in urban canyons – a feature especially beneficial when a dashboard antenna is used.

The P1 versions are pin-to-pin and functionally compatible with the standard versions, so customers can use existing designs. An evaluation kit is available that includes ultra-small footprint sample designs.

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