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Atmel develops full-duplex RF transceiver ICs for PEG, TPMS

Atmel Corporation is marketing full-duplex RF transceiver ICs for automotive keyless entry/passive entry go (PEG) and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), among other applications. The ATA5824 (313 MHz to 316 MHz) and ATA5823 (433 MHz to 435 MHz and 867 MHz to 870 MHz) system can lower costs by enabling one transceiver to control both applications.

Both transceivers are pin and functionally identical. They support data rates of 1 kBaud to 20 kBaud (FSK) and 1 kBaud to 10 kBaud (ASK) in Manchester, bi-phase or other codes in transparent mode. Current consumption in receive and in transmit modes is as low as 10.5 mA (3 V/ Tx with 5 dBm). System performance demonstrates high sensitivity in ASK (e.g. -116.5 dBm at 2.4 kBaud) and FSK mode (e.g. -109.5 dBm at 2.4 kBaud), a PAE of nearly 40%, adjustable output power of up to +10 dBm for long-distance operation, high selectivity and high blocking plus low intermodulation due to the receiver module's low-IF architecture.

Separately, Atmel introduced two ARM7-based, flash MCUs with embedded 10/100 Ethernet MAC, CAN, full-speed (12 Mbps) USB 2.0 and a high speed AES/3DES encryption engine. The AT91SAM7X128 and AT91SAM7X256 also provide a 10-bit A/D, two SPIs, SSC, TWI, three UARTs, an eight-level priority interrupt controller, and supervisory functions. The two new 50 MIPS MCUs have 32 Kb or 64 Kb of SRAM and 128 Kb or 256 Kb of 25 ns flash memory that supports deterministic processing as required for real-time control systems.

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