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Atmel hex half-bridge driver IC cuts car comfort application cost

Atmel has introduced the ATA6836, a fully protected hex half-bridge driver IC with integrated power stages, manufactured using Atmel's high-voltage 0.8 µm bipolar CMOS DMOS on silicon-on-insulator (BCD-on-SOI) technology, SMARTIS. The technology enables the use of smaller, lower-cost QFN packages, which reduces the cost of automotive comfort applications such as flap control of air conditioning systems.

The dielectric isolation of the SOI substrate is said to minimize junction leakage, and SOI technology is said to provide superior latch-up immunity. Each of the ATA6836’s six high-side and low-side drivers is capable of driving currents up to 650 mA via a microcontroller. External clamping diodes are not needed due to the half-bridge configuration, thus reducing assembly effort.

The ATA6836 can be used for actuation of three fully independent dc motors in three H-bridges. It also supports the operation of up to five dc motors sharing four common lines if the motors are not all actuated at the same time. In automotive air conditioning systems, five air-flow control flaps can be operated from one ATA6836.

Protection features include overtemperature warning and shutdown, overload, overvoltage protection, and full protection against short-circuits. The ATA6836 features 4 kV ESD protection, which provides maximum safety against damage during assembly.

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