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Atmel offers development kit for automotive applications

Atmel describes its ATAPMxx automotive development kit as a single development platform for Atmel's current and future automotive products, including car access (remote keyless entry, passive entry/go, immobilizer, and remote start); tire pressure monitoring systems, and in-vehicle networking, including LIN and driver applications. ATAPMxx is suited for the development and customization of a complete automotive solution without requiring advanced knowledge of RF or LF engineering. It can be operated in standalone mode or using a PC-based GUI.

The ATAPMxx development kit includes an AVR AT90USB1287 system microcontroller, an LCD touch screen, and the additional hardware and software needed to develop, evaluate, optimize, and demonstrate automotive system solutions. Customers can upgrade the kit as new Atmel automotive devices become available.

In stand-alone mode, the main board controls the complete system via a two-wire-interface. Connected to a PC, the main board handles the communication with the PC via USB. Each connected application (i.e., extension board and daughter board) is controlled by its own AVR microcontroller, which manages communication with the main board. Gerber schematics and layouts are included as royalty-free source code.

Samples of the new development kit for remote keyless entry and immobilizer systems are available now. Versions for further automotive applications will be introduced in Q4 2008 and early 2009. Pricing for the remote keyless entry kit (ATAPMRKE-DK1) starts at US $599 per unit including one main board, one extension board, and two RF daughter boards.

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