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Atmel unveils single-chip digital music player for car audio systems

Atmel Corporation has introduced the AT85C51SND3, a single-chip, dual processor digital music player for car audio systems, among other applications.

The AT85C51SND3 combines a proprietary digital signal processor optimized for audio processing with an eight-bit 8051 core for controlling the man-machine interface. The architecture is said to be optimized to process MP3, WMA and OGG decompression algorithms efficiently as well as to manage all the control and interface functions. A parallel interface is available to link the chip to a host processor.

The chip also includes USB on-the-go (OTG) and OLED color screen control. On-chip high-speed USB enables faster transfer rates and the USB OTG functions allow end-users to play music files by connecting any standard USB key to applications such as MP3 players. The AT85C51SND3 can support an OLED display with up to 320 x 256 pixels and 260,000 colors.

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