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Atmel's 8-bit flash AVR MCU meets 150 °C AECQ100 Grade 0 qualification

Atmel said its 8-bit ATmega88 RISC flash microcontroller has qualified for operation up to 150 °C under AECQ100 Grade 0. The ability to withstand higher temperatures should allow designers to distribute intelligence and control functions directly into gearboxes, engine sensors and actuators, transfer cases, and turbochargers, and should also simplify wiring networks.

Atmel's MCU features 512 bytes of EEPROM for data storage and 8 KB of self-programmable flash for updating code within an application even after system deployment. It also includes a variable gain amplifier, a 10-bit A/D converter, a fast analog comparator, and an on-chip calibrated 8 MHz RC oscillator, which avoids the need for an external crystal. Other on-chip features include power-on-reset, a brown-out-detector and a watchdog with dedicated oscillator.

The 150° part is packaged in a 32-pin QFN. Production is due to begin in the first quarter of 2007.
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