Auto Electronics

Austriamicrosystems adds automotive-qualified EEPROM blocks

Austriamicrosystems is offering 3 kb automotive-qualified EEPROM blocks manufactured on a 0.35 μm PMOS-based process. Suitable for engine management systems among other applications, the memory blocks tout typical endurance of 20 million read/write cycles at 25 °C and will be guaranteed for at least 1 million cycles at 125 °C while data retention is ensured for a minimum of 25 years at 125 °C. The company specifies extended temperature range performance to 180 °C. Supply voltage ranges from 2.2 V to 3.6 V for read and 2.5 V to 3.6 V for write. The memory blocks are also said to feature a cell concept developed especially for low power and low-voltage applications.

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