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austriamicrosystems introduces 14-bit magnetic rotary encoder IC

austriamicrosystems has introduced the AS5163, a magnetic rotary encoder IC designed to satisfy automotive requirements in angle sensing applications such as throttle or gas-pedal systems where robust IC protection is essential.

The chip incorporates both +27 Volt overvoltage protection and -18 Volt reverse polarity at supply pins. An intelligent short circuit monitoring function protects it against damage under short circuit conditions.

Andreas Pfingstl, austriamicrosystems’ product manager for automotive encoders, said the AS5163 offers a single-wire interface and can be configured for 14-bit digital, 12-bit PWM, or ratiometric analog output. It can also be customized to cover any system specific angle range by setting a start and end position of the rotational movement.

The AS5163 is operational over an ambient temperature range from -40°C to 150°C. It is available in a TSSOP 14 package and operates at 5V supply voltage.

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