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austriamicrosystems offers high precision angle position sensor

Analog IC developer austriamicrosystems has launched the AEC-Q100-qualified AS5134, a magnetic rotary encoder IC specifically designed for brushless DC sensing in automotive applications in a -40 °C to +150 °C ambient temperature range. The device requires no additional temperature compensation and calibration. Product information is available at /03products/25_rot_ enc_automotive _applications. htm.

"The proportion of brushless DC motors (BLDC) in automotive propulsion technology is increasing rapidly,” says Bernhard Czar, austriamicrosystems’ marketing director, automotive. “In addition to higher efficiency and longer service life, drives can be designed offering higher precision, better dynamic properties and more flexibility. The AS5134 was specifically developed to improve the performance of these BLDC motors,"

Featuring 8.5-bit resolution, the AS5134 can recognize 360 positions within one 360° turn and is accessible with either a serial or a PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) interface. Three differently programmable incremental outputs are available, one of which delivers a three-phase commutation signal for brushless DC motors. The chip also features programmability of 1 to 6 pole pairs, a power-saving mode with a power consumption of less than 1.5 mA, and a start-up time to normal operation of less than 250 µs.

The rotary encoder IC provides user-specific zero programming, a diagnostic function for correct positioning of the magnet, and the ability to recognize power supply interruptions. A "daisy-chain" mode allows AS5134 to read position data serially over a two-wire bus.

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