Automotive-Safety OS Cuts Costs Of ISO 26262-Certified System Apps

The QNX OS for Automotive Safety 1.0, set to be certified for use in systems that comply with ISO 26262 (up to the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level D), is geared to substantially reduce development and certification costs of digital instrument clusters and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) by allowing safety-critical functions (e.g., engine malfunction warnings) and non-safety-critical functions (e.g., RPM) to run on the same hardware module.  To make this possible, QNX Software Systems’ OS offers fine-grained process isolation and memory protection, freeing safety-critical components from interference from other components. Furthermore, it supports QNX adaptive time partitioning, which allows for further freedom of interference by preventing safety-critical components from being starved of CPU cycles by other components.


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