Auto Electronics

Autosar Drivers for Infineon and Freescale Microcontrollers

AUTOMOTIVE OPEN SYSTEMS Architecture (Autosar) intends to make software components for modular and reusable motor vehicle control units. As a premium member of the Autosar consortium, Micron Electronic Devices will contribute driver packages for two microcontrollers for the Autosar architecture.

The embedded software division of Micron Electronic Devices has developed a software suite for Autosar. The collection, known as Microsar, combines core components for the development of control units in the automobile: an OSEK-compatible CAN driver, a LIN stack, administration software for non-volatile memory and a controller abstraction layer.

The idea of Autosar is to make software components for control units portable, exchangeable and reusable. The microcontroller abstraction layer contains the hardware-specific adaptations to customize two autotypical microcontrollers to the Autosar architecture: the Tricore TC1796 from Infineon and the S12XDP512 from Freescale. Adaptation of the NEC V850 is also planned for the fourth quarter of 2005. Two further ARM-7 controllers from ST Microelectronics (ST 30) and Texas Instruments (TMS 470) are on the roadmap, although no date has been set.

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