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Avago adds optocoupler for hybrid electric vehicles

Avago Technologies has introduced the ACPL-M46T, a 1 Mbd, automotive-grade digital interface optocoupler for use in hybrid electric vehicles.

The AEC-Q100-qualified and RoHS-compliant ACPL-M46T requires a low input LED drive current (10 mA) to provide longer operating life and in automotive intelligent power module (IPM) applications over -40 °C to 125 °C. Optimized for the HEV market, the optocoupler delivers a maximum propagation delay difference that enables circuit designers to reduce switching dead time and improve inverter efficiency, according to the company. It also offers 15 kV per microsecond common mode transient rate (CMR) at VCM = 1500 V to prevent erroneous driving of the IPM interface and ensure reliable operation under noisy operating environments.

The ACPL-M46T is housed in a surface-mount, SO-5 package and comes with an enhanced LED (10 mA) for lower driving current and lower power consumption. It is manufactured with an enhanced wire-bonding process and an improved lead frame for added reliability and better heat dissipation. A high common-mode rejection ratio provides high immunity to transient noises, EMI and ground loops eliminations. Prices start at $2.38 each in 10k quantity.

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