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AVX offers automotive-grade conformally coated ceramic radial-leaded capacitor

AVX has developed an automotive-grade, conformally coated ceramic radial leaded capacitor, the AR series. The product range will encompass NPO, X7R and X8R dielectrics. The addition of the X8R dielectric allows for an extended temperature range up to 150 ºC, making the parts ideal for a variety of automotive and industrial applications, including underhood, in-cabin, and downhole.

“The advantages of the conformally coated radial technology have been a natural fit for the automotive industry and our customers in that market were requesting this type of high-termperature part,” said AVX product specialist Tim Piver. “The X8R development was also an obvious evolution of our product line toward an AEC-Q200 part that could work under more extreme temperature conditions.”

Piver said the AR series with its AEC-Q200 qualification is ideal for designers requiring a production part approval process (PPAP) for new qualifications. All the necessary PPAP data is complete and is available upon request. Operational in standard temperatures up to 125 ºC and extended temperatures up to 150 ºC, the AR series of capacitors is available up to 200 Vdc and with capacitance ranging from 1 pf to 1 uF. The capacitors come in 16 different case sizes.

The AR series is available in straight or formed lead configurations, with lead spacing options ranging from 0.100 in. to .375 in. Packaging options include bulk, tape and reel, and ammo package.

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