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The automotive supplier Waeco ( is offering a cableless reversing video system for almost any vehicle, motor home and car/trailer combination. With the MagicWatch MWE2000, the company has developed a system that transmits the signals from the sensors recessed in the rear of the vehicle by radio to the display unit. The system costs €339 and according to Waeco, can be installed without a great deal of effort: it is plugged into the cigarette lighter, receives the necessary data immediately by radio and is then ready for use. This makes the radio-reversing warning device suitable for a variety of vehicles.

Furthermore, Waeco is offering the PerfectView RV-FM-10 radio module, which is adapted to the CRT245 and LCD250 reversing video systems that are already in use. It comes with the 12 V power required for the monitor and the reversing backup lights. The transmission range is up to 20 m. The module is available for €199.

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