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California Micro Devices introduces LuxGuard UHB LED protection devices

California Micro Devices has introduced the LuxGuard family of devices for electrostatic discharge protection and thermal management for high power, ultra high brightness (UHB) light emitting diode (LED) lighting applications.

LuxGuard includes silicon LED submounts that deliver ESD protection exceeding 15 kV human body model (HBM) as well as enhanced thermal management. Kyle Baker, vice president of marketing for California Micro Devices, said the submount also helps to cushion the LED from stress due to thermal expansion coefficient differences between the LED and the lead frame. An optional aluminum top coat provides improved reflectivity.

California Micro Devices also offers transient voltage suppressor (TVS) side mounts that offer ESD protection for customers that use ceramic submounts. The TVS diodes are mounted next to the LED die within the LED fixture. ESD ratings are typically between 8 kV and 15 kV HBM, depending upon die size.

Design options enable customers to integrate the products seamlessly into UHB LED lighting modules. Baker said that high power LEDs are more ESD sensitive than their lower power counterparts, and require external ESD protection for enhanced reliability.

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