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EPCOS has developed a new type of ceramic capacitor to minimize the risk of short circuits if the capacitor is damaged. The product is suitable for applications in which the capacitor is permanently connected to the positive pole without extra safety measures. This is the case in automotive electronic circuits connected to terminal 15 or 30, for example.

Connected in series multilayer serial ceramic capacitor (MLSC), the new capacitor reduces these risks significantly. No extra safety measures are required, so that existing designs and layouts can be retained. The internal structure of the new component is based on two capacitors connected in series. Even if one of these should fail due to a short circuit, no short circuit occurs in the overall component. The capacitors of series B37941X are available in size 0805 and ceramic material X7R. Types designed for a rated voltage of 100 V cover the capacitance range from 1 nF to 100 nF, while those for 50 V deliver 33 nF to 100 nF. With voltage derating, the components may be operated at temperatures up to 150 °C and conform to AECQ200.
EPCOS AG • (800)

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