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CMOS imaging IC offers VGA resolution for intelligent camera applications

AMI Semiconductor has introduced the AMIS-70700, a high-performance, automotive-qualified CMOS imaging IC for intelligent camera applications. The part was developed in partnership with Photonfocus AG, which specializes in CMOS image sensors and cameras.

The chip features a –40 ºC to 105 ºC operating temperature range, 750 x 400 pixel resolution (16:9 format), a 120 dB dynamic range with Photonfocus’ LinLog technology implemented (60 dB with LinLog disabled), and an RS-232 image output speed of up to 60 frames/second. It comes in a moisture-resistant ceramic package or as bumped or unbumped wafers.

The AMIS-70700 is said to combine low fixed pattern noise with a high signal-to-noise ratio and built-in compensation techniques that minimize high temperature leakage. The LinLog technology provides an alternative to pure logarithmic image sensors, providing a linear response at low light levels and logarithmic compression at high intensities. Transition between the two modes is optimized to prevent artifacts and discontinuities. AMIS program manager Ilse Depoortere said the use of linear response at low light levels increases the signal swing at the output of the pixel to maximize sensitivity and also reduces the effects of fixed pattern offset and gain noise associated with logarithmic sensors. Depoortere added that the LinLog technology minimizes image lag or smear, even at high frame rates, and has a global shutter capability allows fast moving scenes to be captured without motion artifacts.

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