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Coalition awards real-time traffic contract to INRIX

The 16-state I-95 Corridor Coalition has awarded INRIX a multi-million dollar, multi-year contract to provide travel time and speed data on a network of U.S. highways from New Jersey to North Carolina. The initial system, expected to be operational by mid-year, will cover approximately 1,500 miles of freeways and 1,000 miles of major arterial roads. The system may ultimately expand throughout the entire eastern seaboard.

The INRIX Smart Dust Network and INRIX Traffic Fusion Engine aggregate traffic data from a variety of sources, including over 750,000 GPS-enabled vehicles and traditional road sensors.

The I-95 Corridor Coalition initiative is the largest implementation of real-time traffic flow data sharing across a multi-state region and the first multi-state project leveraging GPS vehicle probes and traditional road sensor information.

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